Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi plans a surprise for Akshu’s birthday

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Abhi knocking the door. The students stand up. Abhi looks at them. He says sit down, first rule of medical field, our focus should be just on the patient, not personal life, we have to ignore everything and just think of saving the patient. He conducts the class. Harsh and Akshu look on. Abhi wishes best of luck to the students and leaves. Akshu gets inside the class. She gets angry on the students. She says you don’t need to know who I m, I understand what you are, a good heart is needed to become a good doctor, you can treat the blockage in arteries, what will you do if the blockage is in your thinking, Abhi is professional, so he educated you after hearing all this, its easy to make fun, its tough to reach that level, do that and show, then we will understand whatever you say. She leaves. She says Abhi would be already worried, and now this… Harsh looks on. Akshu sees a man asking Abhi to treat his son. He says I m a specialist in unani medicines, but I can’t do the operation. Abhi asks do you have any medicine for nerve damage, my hand’s nerve got damaged. Akshu says I know you are feeling helpless, but asking someone this way. She thinks to find about Dr. Kunal Khera. She says people call Kunal Khera Dr. Miracle, I will find you out for my Abhi.

Abhi and Akshu have a romantic moment. Rabba ne tujhko banane me….plays… She disappears. He looks around and says Akshu…. He wakes up from his dream. He sees Akshu sleeping behind. He says I have seen a weird dream and got scared, I can’t tolerate if you go away from me, never leave me. Kesariya…plays…. Its morning, Akshu searches for Kunal Khera. Abhi calls out everyone. He says we are forgetting something, at least I remembered the occasion. Parth asks what occasion. Abhi says its Akshu’s birthday tomorrow, I had thought to party 24 hours. Neil says we will celebrate it well. Abhi says I was saying…. He tells his plans. Manjiri smiles. Akshu says I just wish to get some info about Kunal Khera. She gets a message and says its my birthday, I make all the wish for Abhi’s hand recovery, I wish I get some info about Kunal. Abhi shows the theme. He asks is it clear. Everyone says yes. Manjiri asks how will we order the cake. Abhi says I will make it. Parth says we will order it. Neil says Abhi has made the commitment. Abhi says I want to do something that happiness comes in Akshu’s life and family, this should be the best birthday of her life. Akshu reads Dr. Kunal Khera visits the Dargah every year on this day. She says it means he will come there today. Abhi says it’s a surprise for Akshu, we will invite her family, then Akshu will be happy, I want your help in preparing a special birthday gift. Akshu says I have to go and meet Kunal. Kairav gets Abhi’s call. He asks what, listen, how, listen… Manish says you both were talking in a code language, what were you saying. Kairav says we are thinking of Akshu’s birthday, Abhi has planned it well. Suwarna says yes, Abhi would have planned something. Vansh asks the idea. Kairav tells them. He asks what happened, is the idea so bad. Akhilesh says its really too good. Manish says I m really happy to know that Abhi is planning a surprise for Akshu, Akshu is lucky to get Abhi. Aarohi looks on. Dadi says yes, but we should also plan something. Kairav says I want to fulfil Akshu’s wish.

Kairav says Akshu said she wants to learn music and teach singing to kids, I thought like Naira used to teach dance to kids in academy, Akshu can also teach the kids at any NGO. Manish says you have thought well, I m proud of you. Aarohi thinks Abhi planned a big thing for Akshu, it will be fun in spoiling it. Akshu prays that she meets Dr. Kunal Khera.

Abhi says don’t know it can happen or not, but I have to do this. Parth says we will learn few lines, your message will get conveyed to Akshu. Abhi says I will learn a song for Akshu. Parth teaches him to play the guitar. Abhi feels pain in his hand. Manjiri and Parth worry. Manjiri sprays the pain relief on Abhi’s hand. Parth asks how will you play at that time. Abhi says love has much strength, I will do it. Manjiri says first you sing. Abhi says I sing so bad, so you are asking me to sing. She says no, you really sing bad, sorry. Akshu hears the guitar sound. She goes to see. She asks Parth was he playing the guitar. Parth and Abhi say no. Manjiri says maybe sound came from some other place. Abhi says Parth declared in childhood that he can’t learn music even if he wants. Akshu says I m going out to meet my music teacher, Guru ji has come today, then he is going to Mumbai for a week, he is a good teacher. Manjiri asks why today. Abhi says please go if he can guide you, I will drop you. She says I will go alone. He says okay. He thinks I have to practice. He says call me if you need anything, give my greetings to Guru ji. She says sorry to lie, but anything for you. She leaves. Aarohi comes there. Akshu says you here. Aarohi asks can’t I surprise you, what are you hiding. Akshu says nothing. Aarohi asks are you going anywhere. Akshu says yes, I m going to meet Sandeep Guru ji. Aarohi says Suwarna has sent kachoris for you all. Akshu says give it inside, I have to leave. She leaves and prays to meet Kunal Khera.

Abhi says I have done much preparations. Akshu calls Abhi and says there is poor network here. Abhi asks are you in some Dargah. Aarohi looks at Akshu. Akshu prays. Dr. Kunal comes there.