Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Akshu sort their issues

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Rohan saying Akshu has gone after you, guard saw her going. Abhi runs inside. Anand and everyone call out Abhi. Anand says he has gone mad. Rohan says Akshu can be inside. Akshu worries for Abhi and sees the bracelet fallen. Manjiri runs to Harsh and says a fire broke out in our hospital. He is shocked. He asks about the children, Anand and Mahima. She says everything is there. Abhi looks for Akshu and gets her bracelet fallen there. He shouts. He hears Akshu’s voice. He goes and sees her. She calls him out. Manjiri and Harsh come there. Neil says everyone is trying to save the people. She asks where are Abhi and Akshu. Neil says they are also inside. Harsh asks did you call the fire brigade. Neil says yes. Harsh thinks its not a child’s play to manage such a big hospital. Manjiri worries. Abhi breaks the glass door and runs to Akshu. He hugs her.

She falls short of breath. Abhi hums a song and pacifies her. She also hums. She hugs and asks if anything happened to you, I would have come. He asks would I stay there and wait. She asks for her bracelet. He shows the bracelet. He makes her wear the bracelet. He says we have to talk so many things, come. Manjiri waits to them. Abhi and Akshu sit under the wooden table. Lag jaa gale…plays… They hug. The fire brigade men come. Harsh asks them to work fast.

Abhi and Akshu apologize to each other. She says we didn’t get time to understand each other. He says love means to support each other, sorry. He hugs her. A blast sound is heard. He says don’t worry, I m with you. She says life is short and love is found by luck, I m scared of losing it. He says we waste time in fights. She says sorry, I won’t do this. He says don’t cry, you scold me. They end their fight and hug. He says fire brigade has come, everything will be under control. She says you are not like your dad. He says you are really nice, thanks for marrying me, loving me, my marriage was my right decision. They hug. Manjiri and everyone worry for Abhi. The man says guard caught the man who had ignited the fire, Abhi had beaten him in the morning. Harsh asks what, so much happened here in 4 days. Rohan says that man was misbehaving with Akshu. Manjiri prays for Abhi and Akshu. Akshu says thanks, I love you so much. Abhi says I love you so much, I get mad without you. She says I m mad for you. Some pillar falls over the table. Abhi and Akshu get out of there somehow. They both fall down on the ground, holding hands. He tries to wake her up. He shouts for help. He lifts Akshu and takes her.

Mahima says Akshu is stable. Anand says Abhi is not good. Akshu asks Abhi to get up for her sake. She cries and hugs him.