Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Akshu’s Grah pravesh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Harsh seeing Abhi fine and leaving from the ward. Anand says they are fine, but I want to get more tests. Manjiri and Kairav say we will take them home. Anand asks for the MRI. Abhi says no need. Anand says I m your doctor. Abhi says I m also a doctor, I can treat myself. Manish jokes. Anand says we will go out, we will let him enjoy as a patient. Abhi says don’t rag me. Parth says you made all of us cry, you should also get punished. Mahima agrees with Parth. Manjiri says I will prepare your fav dishes. Suwarna says we should do preparations for the Teej. Manish says we want a real patch up this time, okay. Abhi says don’t worry, its our first Teej, it will be very special. Mahima says let him rest now, take Akshu home and make her rest. She scolds Abhi. Parth says you also scold patients. Neil says Lord is taking revenge. Abhi says let me get fine, you fall sick and then I will take revenge on you. They laugh. Abhi lets Akshu leave. Os ki boonde….plays… Akshu smiles and goes with the family. Kairav stops. Abhi asks what happened. Kairav says I m sorry. Abhi says its okay, forget it. Kairav says I have behaved wrong, Akshu was right, its her husband and her matter. Abhi says you didn’t mean that. Kairav says you risked your life for her, you have anger but you love her a lot, sorry. Abhi asks him not to fold hands. Kairav calls him Sadiyal. They laugh. Kairav says I request Krishnaji that your love always stays the same. Akshu gets ready and recalls Abhi. She takes a bouquet and says I m coming to meet you, then I will enter the house with you.

Rohan says Anand asked for some tests to rule out few things. Abhi says I m also a doctor, its not needed. Rohan says we all were tensed for you. Abhi thanks him for taking good care of him. He says your attention was on me, you have handled everything responsively, you helped in catching that psycho also, you didn’t go home after the duty got over. Rohan says yes. Abhi says thanks, I have praised you, it doesn’t mean that you dance on my head. Rohan asks him to take medicines first. Abhi says give a tablet to your senior, what’s the time. Rohan says its good, Akshara is coming, I got the message, its okay, I understand, it happens, you are feeling such at this time. Abhi says I m feeling Déjà vu, Gyaan all over again. Rohan goes. Abhi sees his hand. Abhi goes out sees Akshu coming. Akshu smiles. He takes a rose to give her. Laal ishq….plays…

He asks who comes here decked up. She asks will you fall seeing me. He says my heartbeat is running fast. She says you are looking more handsome. He says I m so happy, I wish to kiss you, don’t get shy, I m not doing it, we should do what heart wants to do, shall I. She gives him the bouquet. Abhi says and this is for you… He gives the rose and kisses on her cheek. Rohan comes. Akshu says he is lovely, he cried for you yesterday. Abhi says yes, I make him cry always. He asks Rohan to come, say something, what happened. He talks to Rohan like a kid. He asks why did you come to disturb our private moment. Rohan says you have to sign the discharge papers, Anand is busy. Abhi says I became a doctor for this moment. Abhi isn’t able to sign. He looks at his hand and tries to hold the pen with grip. Akshu and Rohan ask what happened, any problem. Abhi thinks why am I feeling this pain when I took the pain killer. He signs.

Rohan says your handwriting is so bad, you proved it, this sign doesn’t look like yours. Akshu smiles. She holds Abhi’s hand and asks him to come. He says I will lift you and get you from Maayka if you go again. She asks why didn’t you take me this time. He says fighting is allowed, but leaving isn’t. she says done, when we fight next time, I will send you out of the house. He says Oye. She says Hoye.. The staff comes and gives them cards, roses and wishes. They thank Abhi and Akshu for risking their lives and saving others. Abhi says there is nothing to thank. Abhi and Akshu come home.

Akshu says I have missed this house a lot. Abhi says this house missed you, come. They go inside. They see both the family members welcoming them with shower of rose petals. Akshu asks what’s all this. Manjiri says last time, your Grah pravesh happened, it was dull, but Abhi tried to light it up, I thought to bring the lights and sparkles in the Grah pravesh this time. Suwarna says today both the families are present. Manish says we came to drop you here. Abhi says you are scared that she may come back, don’t worry, I won’t let her go this time. Their Grah pravesh is done. They light a diya and pray. They fulfil a plates stacking ritual. Everyone claps. Yeh Rishta…plays… Abhi lifts her in arms. They smile.

Akshu asks Abhi to have medicines. She gives a water bottle. It drops. She says sorry, I thought you held it. Suwarna asks Akshu to make the Teej memorable. Mahima asks Akshu are you fasting, you aren’t okay. Akshu says I want to do this for Abhi.