Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manjiri doesn’t forgive Harsh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Abhi running after Akshu. They all dance on Mann me raja bas…Harsh looks on. Parth takes Shefali aside and asks her to drink the juice. She refuses to drink. He hugs her. Anand takes care of Mahima. They all play games. Abhi and Akshu win the game. They dance. Akshu’s hand slips from his hand. They both fall down. Abhi says sorry, did you get hurt, I don’t know how your hand slipped. She says its okay, we were dancing. Suwarna and Manish say it happens. Abhi says sorry. Akshu says I m fine, don’t say sorry. He says sorry again. She says its okay. He goes to help her. She says forget it, its not a big thing. He says you would have fallen and got hurt. She jokes. He says I made you fall. She says don’t take tension.

He says I was so tensed. She shows his fav sweets and asks him to have it. He refuses. She asks did you keep fast, tell me. He says let me fast, I love you a lot, treat me as equal. She says you will always be special for me, always. They feel hungry and go to see the moon. Shefali says moon has appeared, come. Everyone smiles. They all go out. Aarohi says you made me fast, saying I will get a perfect husband. Dadi says yes, you will get. Neil and Vansh say we would have kept the fast too. Mahima says we will just do the rituals now. Shefali says yes, we lost energy after dancing. Abhi and Akshu go to break their fasts. Suwarna asks Abhi did you keep the fast. Manish says I m proud of you. Parth asks is this normal. Anand says no, its special. Parth says then we should also higher our standards. They all joke and laugh. Aarohi asks Suwarna to just do it fast. Suwarna says we will start it with Abhi and Akshu, its their first Teej. Akshu and Abhi do the rituals and break their fast. Yeh Rishta…plays… They eat the food. Suwarna asks them to feed the shagun and then have their food. Neil takes their video. Vansh asks who will touch the feet now. Abhi hugs Akshu. Neil says they rock. Parth says this is right.

Shefali and Parth, and Aarohi break their fasts. Neil says Aarohi is going mad in hunger. She asks him to shut up. Anand and Mahima, Suwarna and Manish do the rituals. Everyone sees Manjiri. Harsh comes and asks why didn’t you call me, moon has appeared, do it fast, everyone is don, start it, come on. Abhi says she isn’t saying anything. Akshu says she will say it. He says she kept a fast, its her relation, I wish she answers him. Harsh asks why are you taking time, do it quickly. Manjiri takes her puja plate. Manjiri recalls Harsh’s words. She eats the sweets herself. Everyone looks on shocked. Harsh asks what are you doing, you didn’t keep the fast. She signs no. Abhi and Akshu smile. Harsh asks what nonsense. Manjiri says my heart didn’t agree this time, I tried a lot, a woman can stay without food and water if her life has love, when the heart is empty, then these rituals don’t matter. Harsh scolds her. Abhi says she didn’t forgive you, I realized it today when I kept the fast, Teej isn’t a festival, but an emotion, relation can’t be made without emotions, its men’s equal responsibility to keep a relation, we are not owners, they aren’t our slaves, we are equals, its our duty also to keep the relation good.

Harsh gets angry on Manjiri. Abhi saves her. Manjiri calls Abhi and Akshu. Everyone comes. Abhi asks did he say anything again. Manjiri says no, he told a lot already, its my turn to say.