You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 10

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 10

Arnav:Good.Really impressive.Everybody was right about you.Iam impressed with you Khushi.

Her face blossomed.

She kept looking at him.She compared this serious Arnav with the childish Arnav when he was her husband.

He waved his hand before her.She came back to her senses.

Arn:What happened?

K:Nothing sir.





One month passed.Arnav became more and more impressed with Khushi’s work.

Anjali asked:Chotte,how is your PS Khushi?

Arnav:Too good di.She does her work on time flawlessly.

Anjali and Devayani smiled at each other.

Anj:If she is that good shall we think of  getting you married to her?Is that not a good idea everyone?

Arn:What the!


Anj:If she is your wife she can work in your office 24 hours and your business will prosper again and again.

Anjali,Shyam and Devayani were laughing.

Arn:It’s not the time to joke.

Shyam:Saale sahib…don’t worry.We will never force you to marry Khushiji.Because she got married to Aman.

Arn:What nonsense!

Shy:We are saying the truth saale saheb.Aman chose her for AR industries only because she was his secret girl friend.Rani Saheba and I had caught them red handed and immediately they did a church wedding.They hid it from all as being born in a conservative Christian family Aman’s family was against inter caste marriage.But still Khushi’s mother is a Christian and she also had baptism when she as small church wedding was possible.

Arnav was shocked.He imagined Aman-Khushi’s church wedding.

Arn:I considered Aman as my closest friend.Still he hid such a big drama from me?

Suddenly they all shocked.

Anj:Don’t be panic chotte.It was such my husband’s prank.Aman and Khushi are just colleagues.

All laughed.Arnav was embarrassed.

He thought:How much did I think about them?But why do I feel relief knowing that Khushi is not Aman’s wife?




Khushi in Arnav’s cabin.

Arn:Khushi…Tomorrow there is a party at Blue Star Hotel.It’s completely official.So all will be bringing their office staffs.Being my PS you know that you should be with me at the party.So get ready for the party.

K:Yes Sir.

Arn:You come to my house at evening 5 pm.From there we will go together.

K:Ok Sir.


The next day Khushi came to RM.Anjali and Devayani hugged Khushi emotionally.When Arnav came they behaved normally.

Arnav observed Khushi from head to toe.Khushi became over conscious.Anjali and Devayani smiled.

Suddenly Arnav burst out:Wht have you worn Khushi?Are you trying to embarrass me?

Khushi got scared.

Anjali and Devayani were shocked.

Anj:Nani…we thought chotte got impressed with her looks.But this has turned out to be bitter.

D:Ya Anjali bitiya.

Arn:You know that all business tycoons are attending the party.Their private secretaries will be well dressed.But you have worn an ordinary salwar kameez.You look horrible.

Khushi’s eyes welled up with tears.

Anjali-Devayani became sad.

Arn:All other private secretaries will be wearing the costliest salwar costume they have.

K:Sir…this is the costliest salwar kameez I have.

Arnav was shocked.He was numb for a moment.

K:I come from a middle class family where I am the bread winner.

Arn:I am sorry.

Anjali-Devayani were relieved.

Anj:No problem Chotte.I will dress her up for the party.

Anjali took Khushi to the room.

Anj:Khushiji….when you left this house you did’nt take even the expensive clothes we gave you.I know it’s because you wanted to take only your own belongings you brought when you entered this house as a newly wed.But Khushiji…they were our gifts.

Khushi became upset:Sorry di.

Anj:It’s ok.

Anjali gave her a pink saree.

Anj:Khushiji…this I bought for you.Before I could I gift this to you,you left us.But I am happy that I could give it to you at least now.Please don’t return this.

Khushi became emotional:No di…

Khushi hugged Anjali.




Khushi came wearing a beautiful pink saree and simple accessories.Arnav could’nt take his eyes off her.

Anjali smiled:Now how is Khushi chotte?


Devayani and Anjali smiled at each other.


At the party…

Arnav held Khushi hand.Khushi looked at him in disbelief.He entered the hall holding her hand.


All men were staring at Khushi.Arnav could’nt tolerate it.He suppressed his anger.

A guy came to Khushi:May I dance with you?

Arnav stared at him and Khushi.He did’nt want Khushi to dance with him.



Arnav:She told you that she can’t dance with you.Then why don’t you just leave her simply?

He held Khushi’s hand:Oh come on.

Suddenly Arnav removed his hand from Khushi forcefully.

Arn:Don’t dare to touch her.

Khushi was stunned by his behaviour.

Khushi thought:Arnavji has changed so much.He was so jovial and funny with me.But this is the real Arnavji.

That guy:What are you doing Mr.Raizada?

Arn:She is my secretary.Not yours.

Arnav held Khushi’s hand and started dancing.

Khushi could’nt believe it.

They looked at each other passionately.

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse
Main Dekhu Tujhe Aankhe Bhar Ke
Tu Lage Mujhe Pehli Barish Ki Du

Khushi was reminded of the moments she spent with the mentally challenged Arnav.

Tere Pehlu Me Rah Loon
Main Khud Ko Pagal Keh Loon
Tu Gam De Ya Khushiyan Sehlu Sathiyan

Arnav was reminded of the moments he spent with her in the office.

Koi Nahi
Tere Siva Mera Yahan
Manzile Hai Meri To Sab Yahan
Mita De Sabhi Aaja Fasle Main
Chahoon Mujhe Mujhse Bant Le
Zara Sa Mujhme Tu Jhank Le
Main Hoon Kya

They were deeply engrossed in the dance.

Pehle Kabhi
Na Tune Mujhe Gam Diya
Phir Mujhe Kyun Tanha Kar Diya
Guzaare The Jo Lamhe Pyaar Ke
Humesha Tujhe Apna Maan Ke
To Fir Tune Badli Kyu Adaa
Yeh Kyu Kiya

Oooo Ooooooo

Everybody clapped when the dance got over.


Arnav-Khushi were very happy.

They smiled at each other.

Unknowingly Arnav held her close.Khushi was very happy.

Suddenly both of them came back to their senses.Arnav removed his hand from hers.

Arn:I am sorry Khushi.I did’nt do it purposefully.

Silently Khushi moved away painfully.

The guy who tried to dance with Khushi came to Arnav.

He:Now I understand …your private secretary is your private property.That’s why you are so possessive about her.

Arnav lost his control and raised his hand to slap him.Suddenly Khushi held his hand.


Arnav was stunned to hear her call Arnavji.

He thought:Why I feel that some one else has also called me Arnavji like this?

He stared at Khushi.

K:Sorry…I mean Sir…please control your anger.It will harm your reputation.

Arnav kept quiet.That guy went away.


Arnav dropped Khushi home.

K:Thank you Sir.

Arn:Call me Arnavji.I liked the way you called me Arnavji.

A small smile crept on Khushi’s lips.

Arnav smiled.

They shared a sweet eye lock.

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse
Main Dekhu Tujhe Aankhe Bhar Ke
Tu Lage Mujhe Pehli Barish Ki Dua
Tere Pehlu Me Rah Loon
Main Khud Ko Pagal Keh Loon
Tu Gam De Ya Khushiyan Sehlu Sathiyan


Madhumati watched it from the verandah.Breaking the eye lock Khushi came inside.

M:What is going on in your life Sanka Devi?

K:Buaji…you know that Arnavji is my Boss now.He dropped me now.That’s it.

M:He is just your Boss now.Not your husband.He does’nt remember anything.So be in your limits and protect yourself.

Khushi became upset.She cried in her room.