You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 11

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 11

Arnav remembered the guy at the party addressing Khushi as Arnav’s private property.

He thought:Why I feel so possessive about Khushi?Why I felt jealous when  he tried to dance with Khushi?Why I felt so different while dancing with Khushi?

He remembered his moments with Khushi.

He smiled:Yes….I am in love with Khushi.




In the cabin….

Arnav gave some work to Khushi.Khushi was about to go out.

Arn:Where are you going?You are my private secretary.You do your work front of me.

Nodding the head Khushi started doing her work.Arnav was completely lost in her.He was looking at her continuously.Khushi looked at him.

He felt that he was caught red handed.He looked down.Khushi concentrated on her work again.He was relieved.


He thought:I feel so difficult to stay from Khushi.I feel like seeing her always.For that I am playing stupid games.No….I have to be straight forward.I will confess my love to her.I will propose to her.But will she like me?Oh!


Arnav selected a lovely ring for Khushi from the jewelers.

A:Tomorrow I will propose her.



The next day in office…

After completing the work Khushi was about to go out.Suddenly Arnav called her.



Arnav stammered.He saw wind blowing and papers flying.

Arn:What the!Can you please close the window?

K:Ok Arnavji.

Khushi closed the window.Arnav went near her.He stood very close to her.

Arnav couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Rabbe ve….

Khushi could feel his breath on her back.

She looked at him in disbelief:Arnavji?


He kept his arms on her shoulder:Khushi…I love you.

She was shocked.She removed his hands off rudely.

K:So this was your intention?I thought you were different from other men.But you are also like the typical Boss who tries to seduce his secretary.I never expected this from you.

Arn:Khushi…you are misunderstanding me.I never had any bad intention.

K:I understand you very well.So I am resigning my job.

Arnav was shocked.

Suddenly he realized that it was only a dream.

He felt embarrassed.

Arn:I have gone crazy.But will Khushi really behave like that if I propose to her?

He was in a dilemma.

At home Arnav was clearing his cup board.An album fell down.

He took it from the floor and opened it.

He was shocked to see his and Khushi’s wedding photos,also some random photos with Khushi.

He was broken down.

Arn:What is this?




Shyam,Anjali and Devayani were sitting in the drawing room.Arnav went there.

He showed them the album:What is this?

They were shocked.

Arnav screamed:Tell me what is this?

Arnav started breaking show pieces.

Anj:Chotte….Khushiji is your wife.

Arnav could’nt believe it.

His lips shivered:Di…

D:Yes chotte…your private secretary is your wife.

Arnav was shocked.

They told him everything.

Arnav cried bitterly.

Arn:Khushi did so much for me.Still you all let her go?

Anjali held his hand painfully.

Anj:She was adamant about going chotte.We tried to stop her.But we failed.


Shyam:She left this house as she realized that she had no place in your heart.You had forgotten her completely.She realized that only Sameera has place in your heart.When you gained consciousness you asked only about Sameera.So naturally her heart was torn.

D:Khushi bitiya left this house heart broken.

Arnav remembered Khushi working in his office.

Arn:She worked as her own husband’s private secretary.Her own husband treated her just as his private secretary.What would have been the mental trauma she had?Every time sitting in front of me she must have been eating pain.Oh!

Arnav felt guilty.