You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 12

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 12

Arnav:I will bring back Khushi.This is my promise.

Anjali,Devayani and Shyam were surprised.


Arn:Yes di.I will bring her back.She deserves to be here.

Shyam:Are you sure?

Arn:Yes jeejaji.Because….without knowing that she is my wife I fell in love with her.

They were surprised.

D:Chotte…are you telling the truth?

Arn:Yes Nani.

Anj:Does Khushiji know your feelings for her?

Arn:No.But I will tell her soon.

They all smiled.

D:Finally chotte’s Rajkumari Khushi will become back to the fairy land.


They all giggled.

Anj:You used to call her Princess…Rajkumari…

Arnav smiled listening to the naughty things he did.



In Arnav’s cabin…

Khushi was doing her work.Arnav looked at her neck.That time only he noticed the nuptial chain she had hidden under her duppatta.

Arn:Khushi…are you married?

Khushi shivered.Slowly she nodded painfully.

Arn:Who is your husband?

K:No use of talking about this now.Because we are separated.

Khushi was very upset.

Arn:That devil deserted an innocent girl like you?How dare he?He is a real rascal.

K:Enough!Enough of talking ill of him.Did I tell you that he left me?Then why are you misunderstanding him?

Arn:Then why did you guys separate?

Khushi was very upset:Destiny separated us.I can’t reveal more.

Khushi concentrated on her work.Arnav smiled.

He thought:Khushi…you love me.That is why you could’nt tolerate your husband being insulted.I will also say those three words which you are longing to hear from me.

Arn:Tomorrow there is a party.Get ready.Stand at the bus stand at 5 pm.I will pick you up.

K:Party?But I did’nt hear anyone else talk about it.

Arn:Who else should talk about it?I am your Boss and I am telling you.Ok?

K:Yes Sir.

Arnav gave her a cover.

Arn:Wear this and come.

Arnav lied:Di told me to give this to you.

Khushi took it from him:Thank you to your di.And thank you too for giving me this on behalf of di.

He smiled.




The next day…

Khushi wore an orange saree and nice jewellery.

Arnav picked her up.

Arn:You are looking gorgeous Khushi.

She smiled. He took her to a hotel.

The place was vacant.Khushi was nervous.

K:Arnavji…no one is here.Party?

Arn:They will come soon Khushi.Relax.

K:Why no one has’nt reached yet?

Arn:I told you to relax Rajkumari Khushi.

Khushi looked at him in disbelief.