You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 13(Last part)

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 13

Arnav:I told you to relax Rajkumari Khushi.

Khushi looked at him in disbelief.

Khushi remembered the mentally challenged Arnav calling her Rajkumari Khushi.


Arn:Don’t be shocked Khushi.I know what you are thinking now.You are doubting whether I remember the Princess Khushi who got married to a mentally challenged Arnav.Right?

Khushi was stunned.

Arn: Di and Nani told me everything.But I don’t remember anything.I I don’t remember those golden days.

K:Those were your worst days,not your golden days.Losing mental balance is a curse.

Arn:I miss those days only because you were my wife in those days.

Khushi became emotional.

K:Don’t try to remember those days and give yourself head ache.

Arn:I will stop trying to remember those days only if you become my wife again.

She was stunned:Arnavji…

Arnav took out the ring he bought for Khushi.

Arn:Khushi,will you be my wife?

Tere Naina.. Has Diye, Bas Gaye Mere Dil Mein, Tere Naina… (2)

Her eyes welled up with tears:Do you know what you are saying Arnavji?Just because I am was your wife once you want to make me your wife again?

Arn:No Khushi.I realized that you touched my heart.I had fallen in love with my private secretary Khushi Kumari Gupta.That’s why I did’nt allow that idiot to dance with you at the party.

She was shocked.

Arn:Trust me Khushi.


Tears rolled down her cheek.Arnav wiped her tears.

( Mere Dil Mein Jo Armaan Hai Paaas Aake Zara Dekho Na

Dil Ke Taar Mein Hai Sargam Chede Koi Hai Abb Koi Anjana )… (2)

Arn:When I realized that I needed you in my life the truth about our marriage came out in front of me.I was very happy to know that you were already my wife.But I don’t remember our wedding.So will you please be my wife again?

Khushi nodded emotionally.He slipped the ring on her finger happily.

Yeh Pyaar Ki Hai Baatein, Kuch Ankani Mulakatein

Oho Aise Hi Milte Hain, Milte Ke Machalte Hai Do Dil Jawaan..

Arn:Khushi…can I ask you one thing?Like a kid I troubled you a lot.How could you tolerate me?

K:You never troubled me Arnavji.You loved me a lot by sharing your toys with me…by sleeping on my lap…by listening to my stupid stories…by eating food from my hand…you were very cute.

They both giggled.

K:And unknowingly you had touched my heart.That aroused love in me.

He cupped her face in his hands.

They looked at each other emotionally.

Rabba ve…


Arnav-Khushi got remarried.

Tere Naina.. Tere Naina.. Has Diye

Bas Gaye Dil Mein Tere, Mere Naina..

Anjali,Shyam,Devayani and Madhumati were very happy.

Khushi wore a red saree for Suhaag raat as it was Arnav’s favourite colour.When the newly wed Khushi sat on the bed blushing near her Arnavji

he cupped her face in his hands.

He blew out air at her face.She closed her eyes.With a smile he switched off the lights.

Ab Dekho Mil Gaye Ho To Phir Se Na Kahin Kho Jana

Ankhon Mein Hi Rehna Bahaon Mein Tum Mere Sojana… (2)



Arnav-Khushi got ready to go for honeymoon.Khushi packed salwar suits.

Arn:Khushi,we are going to Switzerland.So you need to wear modern dresses.

K:But Arnavji…I have never worn modern dressed in my life.I can’t.I am shy.It doesn’t suit me.

Arn:You simply feel so Khushi.

He gave her a jeans and top.

Arn:Wear it.Then I will decide if it suits you or not.

Khushi was hesitant.She wore jeans and top.She was shy to come infront of Arnav.

He smiled:Wow Khushi.You look so stylish.

Khushi was surpised:Really?

Arn:Really you look very sweet Khushi.

She was relieved.Cupping her face his eyes rolled on her eyes.She blushed.

O Ho Mere Paas Tu Jo Aaye, To Khuda Mujhe Mil Jaaye

Ho Ho Hothon Ko Hothon Se Milne De Silne De Door Na Ja..

They left for Switzerland and had a romantic honeymoon there.

Haan Haan Haan Haan…

Tere Liye Charo Ore Dhondha Mene

Mil Gai Jo Tu Mujhe Mil Gaya Sara Jahan

Sara Yahan Aab Chahon Mein Kya..


After 2 years….

Khushi gave birth to twins…2 cute baby girls.

Arnav-Khushi forgot themselves in their heaven with their baby girls Akshaya and Akshara.

They were surrounded by the Angels Anjali,Devayani,Shyam,Madhumati,Garima and Sashi who is cured completely after the treatment.

Tere Naina.. Tere Naina.. Tere Naina.. Tere Naina..



The End


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