You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 8

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 8

Aman and Arnav got admitted in the hospital.

Arnav opened his eyes.He realized that he was on the bed.

He saw Anjali,Shyam and Devayani near him.He didn’t see Khushi who stood on the other side.


D:Are you fine chotte?

A:Ya… come I am here?

Anj:You had fainted chotte.


They all kept quiet.

A:Sameera was shot.Was it a dream or reality?

They kept quiet.

A:Tell…I don’t understand anything.

They all looked at him in disbelief.

Shyam:Means Saale sahib is normal like before.

They all smiled through tears.Khushi was very happy and emotional.

Arnav was confused.

K:Hey Devi maiyya…thank you so much for curing Arnavji..

Arnav turned his face at Khushi.

Arn:Who are you?

Khushi’s heart was pricked realizing that with coming back to his normal self he has forgotten Khushi.

Anj:Chotte…this is…

K:I am the new employee of AR industries.

Anjali,Devayani and Shyam stared at Khushi.

A:Oh..ya…Aman was entrusted to take the interview.I have full faith in his selection.

Khushi suppressed her pain.


Arnav to Anjali:Di…Is Sameera fine?

Anjali did not know what to say.

Anj:Chotte…why are you asking about Sameera now?You both have broken up.Right?


Arn:But can I just erase Sameera from my heart that easily?She is the only one woman I have loved in my life.

Khushi’s heart was pierced.Anjali,Shyam and Devayani felt bad for Khushi.

Arnav’s eyes got welled up with tears:I can never get peace of mind if Sameera is not fine.

Tearfully Anjali cupped his face in her hands:Don’t say like that chotte.


They all became upset.


Anjali hugged Arnav.They both wept.


Khushi left the room and cried.

Shyam:Saale saheb…Doctor has asked you to take rest.So you take rest.

Anj:Yes chotte.Take rest.

Devayani sang a lullaby which made Arnav sleep.

Later outside the room…

Anjali:Khushiji…why did you lie to Chotte?

K:It’s not a lie.It is true that I was an employee of AR industries.After marriage only I quit the job.And Arnavji doesn’t remember me.So I have decided to leave the house.

They were shocked.

D:Khushi bitiya…

Shyam:Are you mad?

K:I was married to Arnavji to cure him.My task has been completed.He is cured now.But he doesn’t remember me.So it’s better to leave him.That’s better for his happiness too.

They all became upset.

Anj:But Khushiji….how can you leave Chotte like this?Can you deny that in the mean time you have not fallen in love with him?

Khushi shed tears.

K:I am leaving now.Before Arnavji gets discharged I am taking off my luggage from the house and leaving.

Khushi walked away leaving them upset.

Kyun Nazrain Teri Yun Anjaan Hain,

Ankhain hain meri bhi Nam ,

Kyun Pakar Bhi Tm Ko Khoya Hai,

Hum Kyun Na Ban Paye Hum,

Kyun Dard Hai Itnaaa,

Tere Ishq Main,

Rabba Ve Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve Rabba ve…

Khushi went back to Madhumati’s house.She was dropped by Shyam

She was shocked:Sanka devi…why are you with the luggage?

K:I have left Arnavji..

She was shocked:Why?

K:Arnavji is alright and I am not needed there.

Khushi burst into tears and hugged Madhumati.Madhumati cried:Hey Nand Kishore…why did you do this to her?

Madhumati stared at Shyam:Are you all happy spoiling my child’s life?You people used her for your behefit and threw her out.

Shyam was guilty.

K:Please don’t blame them buaji.It was my decision to leave.They all had told me not to leave.But I had to leave.That is better.

Madhumati wept.



Arnav got discharged and was brought home.

Arn:Di…Jeejaji…Nani…tell me where Sameera is.Was that a dream which I saw?

Anj:Chotte…take bath.

Arn:Di..please don’t change the topic.I need to know the truth.Don’t hide it from me.

They shed tears.

Arn:Tell what happened.

Shyam:Saale saheb…be strong.

Arn:Tell what happened to Sameera.

Anjali burst into tears.

Anj:Sameera was shot by her own mother.She is no more.

Arnav was shocked:Why?Why did her mother…?

Anj:Because of her mother only that Sheetal trapped you.She only separated you and Sameera.When Sameera realized the truth her mother killed her.

Arnav was shattered.

He broke into tears.

Anjali ran towards Arnav crying:Chotte….

Arnav ran to his room and locked from inside.Anjali tried to follow him.But Shyam stopped her.

S:Leave Saale sahib alone for some time.He needs to be alone now.Otherwise his pain will increase.

Anjali and Devayani wept silently.



Shyam saw Anjali weeping in the bedroom.She remembered the Rakshabandhan when she tied rakhi around Arnav’s wrist.

Shyam sat near Anjali.

S:Rani saheba…

Anj:Shyamji….Chotte…I had promised Maa papa that I will look after chotte like a mother.But I failed.

S:No Rani Saheba.You are like his mother only.Till Khushi came here how you took care of him was beautiful.

Anj:No Shyamji.If so chotte would not have faced such a big trauma in his life.

S:Rani Saheba…you are thinking too much.Good that Saale sahib is back to normal.Now he will be string enough to face any problem.The pain he has now will go soon..we should give him time and space.That’s it.

Anj:Shyamji…but I am tensed how he will react when he comes to know of his wedding with Khushi.

Shyam’s face became dull.He thought:That is the only tension I have about Saale saheb.

Shyam his his tension and talked normally.

S:Now don’t think of it Rani saheba.

Anjali was upset.



After a month…

Arnav has recovered from the trauma.All are happy that he is going to resume working in the office.