You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 9

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 9

Garima rang up to the house.It’s Khushi who picked up the phone.



G:Khushi…you are there?

Khushi became emotional:Amma!

G:Khushi,why are you at buaji’s house?

K:I just came here to stay with buaji for some time.

Khushi thought:I should’nt tell her that Arnavji is fine now.She will doubt.

G:You are not hiding anything from me.Right?

Khushi suppressed her pain:No amma.Now tell how Bauji is.

G:There is a lot of improvement in him.

Khushi was very happy:Really?Thanks to Devi maiyya.

After the call ended Madhumati came.

K:Buaji,amma had called.

M:Really?What did she say?

K:Bauji is getting better.

M:Hey Nand Kishore…thanks a lot to you.

K:Buaji…you did’nt tell anything to amma last time when she called.Right?

M:No Sanka Devi.How can I give her a depressing news when she herself is depressed about her sick husband?

K:You did the right time buaji.Don’t tell her at all.

Madhumati nodded painfully.



Anjali,Devayani and Shyam were sitting together.

Anj:Nani,we need to do some thing to bring Chotte and Khushiji together.

D:Yes Anjali bitiya.What Khushi bitiya did for chotte cannot be forgotten.She has to be brought back.

Shyam:I have an idea.

Anj:Tell Shyamji.

S:Aman is taking rest.So why not we make Khushiji Saale saheb’s PS?

Anjali and Devayani smiled.

Anj:That’s a very good idea Shyamji.This will give an opportunity to them to spend time together.



Anjali rang up Khushi:Khushiji…

K:Di….how are you?


K:And Naniji,Shyamji….and………………Arnavji…?

Anj:Fine.And the happy news is that Chotte is going to join office from tomorrow.


Anj:Means every day you will be able to see him.

Khushi smiled thinking:At least in the office I can get a glimpse of him.

Anj:You will see him through out the day Khushiji…means full time your eyes will have to befixed on him.Because tomorrow onwards you will be Chotte’s private secretary.

Khushi was shocked:What?

Anj:That’s our decision.

K:But Di…

Anj:No excuse…

Anjali cut the call.

Khushi became nervous.


Arnav got ready to go to the office.

Anjali:Chotte…since Aman is on rest Khushi will be your private secretary.


Anj:Ya….don’t you remember the girl who sat near you in the hospital?

Arnav remembered Khushi’s face.


Anj:And trust me.She is excellent.

Arn:Since you chose her to be my private secretary I am have no doubt about her capability.

She smiled.




Arnav reached his cabin.Khushi peeped into the room.She was sweating.

K:May I come in Sir?

Arn:Yes…come in.

Khushi came inside.

Arn:Khushi Kumari Gupta.Right?

K:Yes Sir.

Arn:Everybody told me that you are excellent at work.But I will believe it only if you prove it to me.So your task to prove your ability starts now.

He gave her work.

Khushi was so tensed that she did her work carefully.

K:Hey Devi Maiyya…save me.

She gave him the files.Her hands were shivering.Arnav noticed it.

Arn:What the!

He checked everything and stared at him.Khushi got tensed.

She thought:Seems that I did some mistake.Oh Devi maiyya!